Mandelbrot Set in Excel using MakeArray

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The Making Of A Dapper Man

Poetry Commission

The Making Of A Dapper Man

Nothing ever really describes that feeling,
Of feeling your jawline,
And noticing the first strands of hair;
Knowing that the beard is on its way,

It often comes with a kind of responsibility;
Knowing that you can finally participate in the game of men;
But it also makes you keen to a lot,
You understand that this is who you are becoming;

Being a dapper man,
Means choosing to be a better man;
And that’s what Marini has always represented;
Helping you, become a better you;

Good things often come in threes,
And that’s why Marini’s Men Range felt like home;
It’s a brand that understood this new stage in my life,
And was willing to hold my hand as I discovered myself.

© Oganga Mangiti

“I hope that while reading it, you will find healing through the appreciation of pain, and find love, through a deeper understanding; that what happened, had to happen.”

Love and light.

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