The Curious case of our hearts

I think maybe I have a love- hate kind of relationship with myself. Every time it gets easier my heart finds new ways to discover that maybe its not and maybe I have (*note again) buried my problems…


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The Trickster

Everybody always wants a friend.
Some people are easily fooled in times that are grim.
Be careful,
Be careful of the trickster.
He and she, well they are out there.
Looking for what you may think is a “friend.”
But really this sneak, the trickster is an imposter.
It’s preposterous, to be so mean.
Leeches suck blood, and they also die and bleed.
But these tricksters will steal all your time, loot, booze… and then leave!
So be careful,
Be careful of the trickster.
He and she will eat your whole life away.
Time is priceless you can’t even give ’em one whole day.
So be careful,
Be careful of the trickster.
Stay armed to your teeth, and only observe their sinister ways.
Until that day the trickster is tricked with no exit, you can now have your revenge.
But really it is truly sad, to hear these crazy games in their heads in which they believe.
Now it is easy to spot these wastes of space because after you have been tricked one time.
One look in their eyes and you will know what I mean….

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