Freelance Your Way to a Better Education

Does it turn us into well-rounded, contributing members of society? Does it prepare us for a career in the future? It wasn’t until my first year after college when I enrolled in the school of hard…


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The Fosters

Being lucky is one thing and that’s a great thing to be in moments of our life but it’s also another thing to give something back. When you are lucky, it’s good to give some even if it’s a small donation (money or clothes) to a charity or to someone in need. Or even as simple as little acts of kindness or paying it forward.

I know that I’m more than willing and uncomfortable with standing up for what I believe in, meaning I will be alone at first but not for long. And I know that regardless of what my parents believe, I’m gonna still believe in all the things I do and not let anyone or anything in life convince me wrong.

When I feel lucky, I do my best to give something back. Though with my little problem/addiction with shopping and well controlling it rather than letting it control me; I’ve been working on giving a little of my money to a charity I support like Me To We. I do my best and I allow myself to feel and be good enough regardless of my progress and achievements.

I know that I’m good enough regardless of how many more times my parents may continue to take away my self worth, though I’m gonna continue to not let that happen: you told me that you hated my friends. But the problem was with you and not them.” Quoted by Justin Bieber in his song: Love Yourself!

Basically saying that I shouldn’t let others who have chosen to take away my self worth and do my best to not make me feel worthless, ugly and less confident. Also to not let that make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

Regardless of how my parents choose to treat me negatively, I’m gonna continue to treat myself with love, kindness, gentleness, self care and all else that is needed to in times like this.

I am who I am, I accept myself all that I am flaws and all. And I will continue to choose self love when negative emotions or moments arise. Because my mental health comes first, always!

For many years of my life, I’ve lived with so much fear, shame and guilt. But for quite some time now, I’ve been working and with success of not letting shame, fear or guilt get in the way of my own happiness or with getting what I want with my life.

And I will continue to like always to protect my happiness, do my best to not fake it every time and be honest!

I know some or many things I haven’t yet experienced with my life but I do know that I’ll have lots of support to help me.

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