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Gucci Company Survived After the End of the Movie House of Gucci


But at the end of the movie, Ridley Scott, who directed and produced the film, indicates that the Gucci company went on to become a public company.

Since I am a stock analyst, and I had not heard that Gucci was listed anywhere, at least in the US, I wanted to know what he was talking about.

Furthermore, I also wanted to know how much money is Gucci now worth. What did the murder of Mauricio Gucci result in, in terms of how much the family lost?

KER stock trades at a price of EUR 665.50 per ordinary share and the PPRUY trades for $75.06 per ADR, both as of Friday, Nov. 26. (The difference is due to the exchange rate at $1.13 per EUR and the fact that there are 10 ADRs per one KER ordinary share.)

Euronext — KER price

The important thing to note is that Kering SA is now worth $94 billion. Its European market value is EUR 83.199 billion.

But even more importantly, over half of Kering’s sales (52%) come from Gucci Group. For example, in Q3, Kering made EUR 2.18 billion ($2.46 billion) out of the total EUR 4.19 billion ($4.73 billion) sales for the quarter. That implies that Gucci makes about $10 billion annually in sales, out of the total $19 billion for Kering.

This means that Kering trades for about 5 times sales, and it also implies that Gucci, itself is worth about $50 billion.

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