Gucci Company Survived After the End of the Movie House of Gucci

Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani in the movie House of Gucci, who married the son of one of the two brothers who founded Gucci, the Italian luxury powerhouse. Her fate, as you will see when watching…


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Freelance Your Way to a Better Education

How to Achieve a Real Interdisciplinary Education

What is the point of education?

Does it turn us into well-rounded, contributing members of society? Does it prepare us for a career in the future?

College didn’t prepare me for any of these things.

It wasn’t until my first year after college when I enrolled in the school of hard knocks by starting a freelance career that I began to actually prepare for the future.

This self-guided education included time for self-exploration, real world application, and the real-time learning of specific skills when I needed them.

I learned more during this pivotal year than my entire college career thanks to one reason:

This purpose was’t unique. It wasn’t complicated.

In fact, it’s a simple goal for humans and living creatures alike. Everything I learned was tied to my basic need for survival. Each new lesson or skill I picked up along the pushed me further along, little by little.

Thanks to this deeply motivating fact, I had a reason to approach my self-guided education with extreme intentionality and laser focus.

When starting a freelance career, time is of the utmost importance. Every minute wasted is a minute you could be devoting to insuring a more stable path for yourself in the future.

Looking back at the beginning of my freelance career, I can’t help but notice a few invaluable pieces that made a clear educational puzzle:

One could argue the above points are also found in traditional education. I would have to agree. As present as these items may be, there is one crucial thing missing during many college careers:

How many college students are mature enough to prioritize developing discipline over getting drunk or flirting with other coeds?

Without knowing the application of a concept, it’s nearly impossible to internalize it for future use. This is exactly why learning on the job as a freelancer is much more effective than sitting in a lecture hall among an endless sea of students.

While building your own career, you learn how to lessen the gap between concept and application with each passing day. Otherwise, you won’t be employed long enough for it to matter.

A freelance education may seem too intimidating for some who are looking for more stability in their lives. I challenge these students to take a harder look at traditional career prospects.

Hardworking people are fired every day simply because executives feel pressure from shareholders to increase profit margins, which is usually accomplished by cutting “unnecessary” costs while looking over spreadsheets.

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