Should Mentally Disabled Suspects Be Given a Second Chance?

In two news articles one from USA Today and the other from Fox News the tragic news is told about the massive shooting at the Waffle House in Nashville Tennessee. Both News sources told the public…


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4 Steps to Optimize Your Marketing Tech Stack

To maximize your budget to the best of your abilities, you must analyze and optimize each and every one of your marketing efforts’ spend.

Having the right marketing tech stack will leverage your business’s way of operating, marketing itself, and selling to the right audience while enabling team alignment. Before we dive into the actual steps you need to take to optimize your marketing tech stack, let’s discuss the importance of doing so.

Optimizing your martech stack will allow you to:

With the ever-evolving marketing technology landscape and the thousands of tech solutions out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and building up your tech stack or if you have several technologies at your disposal and are looking to consolidate capabilities; these four steps will help you optimize your marketing technology stack.

When we make a buying decision, we are typically motivated by a certain need that can be fulfilled by a specific product or service. We want to either achieve a goal or find a solution to a problem.

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