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You know addiction is an interesting dilemma. After being addicted to crystal methamphetamine and PCP for the past 6 years I have finally gotten clean. Now addiction poses another threat in the form…


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Eight Ways To Have The Best Friends

Spring has sprung. Planting season has begun.

You are using the incorruptible seed of the word of God to win friends and influence others. This seed is available to all believers. Use it to wash the dirt out of failed relationships. Put the joy back into your life.

Corruptible seed is a natural seed that changes when planted like corn, wheat or peas. The surrounding soil causes the seed to break, either grow into a plant or to decompose.

Incorruptible seed is of the Spirit.

Never confuse acceptance with the word, condone. We can accept others while not condoning their actions.

Everybody wants affirmation. Not only for the actions they take but for who they are as a person. We need to add affirmation to our skill set. Each week affirm someone for who they are. Do it!

Withholding our forgiveness from others fertilizes the seed of bitterness in us. Withholding forgiveness is not good. When we offer genuine forgiveness, friendships result.

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