Que hacer si siente atrapado en el trabajo?

Nuestras opciones de carrera nos dan un propósito, pero también pueden causar dolor. Qué hacer si te sientes atrapado en tu carrera Una pregunta que la gente me hace a menudo es “¿Cómo sé que estoy…


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Patch of Delight

My arms are expansive
lifting out of the binds
of that stress and fear
clench no more.
I breathe in the free air
no longer stagnant, enclosed
released from the glass;
those holes in the cover
never enough
to allow life to continue.
It seems so easy now —
what weeks and days and hours
confined my mind in circles
now out and said
over in moments.
Said and Forgiven.

Day 6/6

Patches of Delight is a way to capture the joy I felt in reading Ross Gay’s Book of Delights. I would like to have my own project of finding the magic of every day, so I write tiny poems about little moments that made me happy each day. The goal is not the poem, it is noticing the moment I might otherwise have missed.

As part of my “notice joy” attempt, I will add once story that made me smile, laugh, or whatever, to this list and then chuck it on the end of this project. Today I focus on Ruby Noir’s great article about adopting a dog later in life. Honestly, there are good pointers for adopting at any age. If I ever needed advice on an animal, I’d totally go to Ruby.

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