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The Cool Breeze Air of Sea Creates Inner Coolness

A day at the seashore realized that the cool breeze air of the sea creates inner coolness. It is because of the freshness in everything.

Fresh air does not only hits the body but attracts the soul. The beautiful nature seems to spread the arms of freshness that catch the attention. I am also the one who gave heart to colorful nature. I can feel the rise and fall of waves.

The collection of droplets into the sea reflects the harmony of nature. Every wave has different energy and power that hits the boundaries. The overflow of water engulfs the surrounding sand. Sometimes, leave the pearls behind.

The air currents further add beauty to nature. The roaming air scatters the fresh scents that attract the souls. It kisses the heart and hugs the body.

Sun was blinking like a newborn baby unseals its eyes. The hide and seeking clouds resonate heart. The gliding nature mesmerizes the soul.

I am still living in eternal moments spent with the natural landscape. It seems that seashore imagery imprinted in my mind.

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