Milan Gatusso setelah partai di San Paolo

Sebetulnya coach gatusso ini menginginkan Milan yang dia tangani ini menjadi tim yang seperti bagaimana karena jelas hasil yang diraih adalah hasil negatif. Mari saya analisa dari pertandingan di San…


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Seven Types of Products for Youthful Skin in Your Fifties

Prevention is the key.

Today women in their fifties definitely don’t look like their mothers and grandmothers did. There has been a shift in attitudes and many fifty years olds have more youthful outlooks. I know because I am one of them and have many friends with the same mindset. I’ve read that fifty is the new forty and I do believe that it’s true.

Women in their fifties aren’t trying to look like they are in their thirties. They just want to age gracefully. The beauty industry just keeps expanding, and there are so many products on the market that promise miracle results.

They would have you believe that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a face cream for it to work, but that isn’t true. There are certain companies that doctors and aestheticians promote because they get kickbacks. You can find quality skincare at any price point.

Now that I’m older, I look for cream-based cleaners. I try and pick something that is tried and true. My dermatologist had told me that most store brand cleansing products work well. I usually start with micellar water to take my makeup off before cleansing.

If you have oily skin in the summer, as I do, you may want to change to a gel-based cleanser. One thing that I am an advocate of is using a washcloth or sponge when using a cleanser. It aids in removing debris and makeup from the skin.

I have been using a toner since I was in high school. Back in the day, I used Sea Breeze to control oil, but now I use something much less stripping. You can spend lots of money on toner, but I use witch hazel. I apply it on cotton squares and wipe it over my skin until the cotton is clear of residue. Toner preps skin for your…

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