News about Honda Civic Review and Price 2020

Reviewing the latest version of a car you helpful to own means coming with some lofty (and biased) objectives. I was quite affected with my 2008 Honda Civic Si, and the models of which followed left…


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Come Join Me At The Toronto Distillery District!


You won’t be disappointed

Toronto Downtown is full of wonderful places to explore. I have already taken you to see a shipping container market (Stackt Market) recently. Today, we’re visiting The Toronto Distillery District!

The name “distillery” may clue you in on what you can expect. Years ago, this area in downtown Toronto was once the home of a large whiskey distillery. After the whiskey distillery shut down, the site went through radical transformation.

In 2003, the area was re-opened to the public and branded as the Toronto Distillery District. It’s a major hub for shopping, restaurants, arts, and culture. Visitors to Toronto must make a stop here!

Here are some photos, which show you a glimpse into the area’s history.

In the Distillery District, you’ll also find charming cobblestone streets which are restricted to pedestrians only. The streets are lined with local shops, beautiful art sculptures, and a fine selection of restaurants. The entire area is about 13 acres, so there’s a lot to explore!

There are also often public events held here as well. In December, the streets transform into a Christmas village. Awesome! You’ll find Santa and everything Christmas here.¹

The Distillery District is open 364 days of the year! So don’t worry about it not being…

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