The Law of Attraction

This article is about the power of our thoughts and how we can use them to resonate with positive energies. Resonance is a term from physics that describes how vibrations come into alignment with…


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Learn How To Resolve Issues In A Business With These Five Tricks

What makes for a great match when it comes to thriving business partnerships and building successful working relationships?

Developing and maintaining real, authentic person centred skills cannot only foster meaningful day to day interactions with the people you work with but can also have the bonus pay off of resonating with the consumers, customers and members of the public you deal with on a daily basis too.

Every successful entrepreneur wants to drive their company to bigger and better heights and for that, internal working relations need to be as slick as the business itself. What happens when conflicts do arise, and indeed — can they be prevented?

Imagine two unstoppable forces coming together to share their creative wisdom and skillset, in order to foster a successful business. It might seem that the sky’s the limit, and nothing is unachievable until that first disagreement occurs. It can be derailing, destabilising and a shock to the system.

Anyone who works as part of any team anywhere knows that there is a time and a place for constructive criticism and feedback, and they must not be immune to that. The ability to accept it, move on and not lose your integrity is extremely important.

Communicate about problems before they blow up to insurmountable proportions. Here are five tricks to learn how to resolve issues in business.

It’s good to state what you want, but you must also state why you want it to back up your argument. By doing this, the people you are talking to will better understand your position, your motivation and your potential end destination.

Always keep negotiations as open as possible and allow the other people involved in any conflict to meet you in the middle. There are some people who see compromise as losing, but it really isn’t. Compromise is a reasonable strategy that helps everyone achieve a little of what they want without having to lose face or give up entirely on their side of the argument.

Never openly discount any suggestions put forward. If other people around you can see that you’re willing to listen and seek other perspectives, then they will ultimately also be willing to explore what you’d like to achieve too.

These are just a few tips that you can use to help successfully resolve issues in business before they start, or before they become completely unmanageable.

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