Do you want to start a Daycare? Pt. 1

Hello and welcome to Daycare 101! As someone who has almost 20 years experience in daycare, childcare and as a preschool/Pre-Kindergarten teacher, I would like to share some tips about what it’s like…


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5 simple recipes for fermenting watermelons in jars for the winter?

You will be more surprised by fermented or salted slices than fresh sliced ones. We will make delicious, homemade watermelons for the winter in jars.

However, there are arguments in favor of seasonal consumption of watermelons, and the fermentation process will reduce the sugar content in the product.

Would you like a piece of summer in winter? Just pickle the watermelons. Pickled watermelon can be served as an appetizer and an addition to many dishes, such as fried meat, etc. Watermelon pieces turn out to taste interesting.

Fruits with crispy and not necessarily sweet flesh are suitable for blanks. You can adjust the taste with spices. The main thing is not to take overripe watermelons, otherwise the pieces will soften in the marinade. These components are enough to spin one jar.


Watermelon 28.22oz
Celery 2 stalks
Dill 1/2 bunch
For the marinade:

Water 3 cups
Vinegar 9% 2 tablespoons
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Salt 1 tablespoon
Bay leaf 2 pcs.
Allspice 5 peas
Cooking method:

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