How To Style Your Houston Astros Sequin Bomber Blue Jacket

Game day is always a special occasion, whether you are rooting for your favorite team at the ballpark or watching from the comfort of your couch. But let’s be honest. There’s something extra exciting…


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The Cat Flap

Unsplash — Paul Hanaoaka

Beware The Cat Flap!

Picture this. There is a house in a Canberra suburb which is located directly across the road from a lake. In the back door of this house there is a cat flap — and what I have come to realise over the years, is that it is wise to “be acutely aware of the cat flap” as all sorts of things can enter your house both uninvited and unwanted!

Having said this, over the years I have also often noticed that farmers have notices next to their back doors which read — “Shut the Door!” Well the same applies to cat flaps as slitherers and their friends can be curious creatures and although uninvited, can and will slither in to visit- to cause great consternation.

Well, one day the family cat went foraging across the road to the lake and caught this enormous duck, literally snared it out of the lake and then bumpity bump, bumpity bump — this urban cat dragged this country duck out of the water, through the reeds and across the busy road, through the garden and directly into the kitchen — right on through that so very convenient cat flap.

The family cat was incredibly pleased with its catch and displayed the duck, still brightly alive although somewhat uncomfortable by this stage, in the middle of the kitchen floor. And despite the urgent and loud coercion raining on him from all sides, no amount of entreaties could get the cat to relinquish its prize. Not for some time.

Orders from the lady of the house had absolutely no effect — the cat would not relinquish its bounty — in fact, it played with the duck while waiting for the man of the house (who also happened to be said cat’s owner) — to come home so it could show off its prowess as the family hunter and gatherer!

The younger members of the family also tried to get the cat to take the duck back to the lake, but it was all to no avail as the cat would not allow them take the duck outside.

No. Go.

The cat was obdurate.

Eventually, the man of the house returned after a long day’s work to be faced with — loud drum roll please — The Duck Catcher Extraordinaire! Behold the Warrior…

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