I Now Drive for DoorDash

Recently I complained about the working conditions for Uber Eats. Well, since then, I have been accepted by DoorDash. Is it any better? Eh… The first thing that’s noticeably different about DD is the…


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Kamila Valieva Shows How White Athletes Get the Gift of Second Chances


Sha'Carri Richardson didn't get the same grace. Let's unpack this

The clear double standard between White and Black Olympic athletes seems clear as day as Valieva continues to compete. And it begs to question — what is the point of drug testing athletes if they get to perform even after testing positive? And if exceptions are to be made, why weren't they made for a Black woman like Sha'Carri Richardson? So let's break it down.

Coleman suggested that legally, the burden of proof fell on the Olympics and cited the…

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