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The World of Ether Beta is Now Live!

After months of development, the World of Ether Beta is now live, publicly, on the Rinkeby Test Network!

As this a Beta, there are still elements being worked on. Battles are being updated, and other languages have not been implemented for example.

For those who don’t know, anybody who discovers Etherians 1–40 gets a reward payout of real ETH. In all circumstances, the reward will be sent to the wallet attributed to the discovery of the Etherian.

Finally, this is just a Beta, so anything that happens will not carry over to Mainnet!

Playing the Beta is easy!

1. Switch over your MetaMask to, “Rinkeby Test Network.”

2. Copy your MetaMask wallet address.

3. Go to Google+ or Twitter and post a tweet/update with your copied address.

4. Copy the link of that update.

6. Enter your copied link and click, “Give me Ether.” Choose an option from the dropdown. We recommend, “18.75 Ethers / 3 days.”

If you’re successful, you’ll see something that looks like this:

As Beta does not last past Sun type (levels 1–10), this means the Etherians numbered 1–40 (out of 200 total) are available for players to discover.

As we wrote in our preliminary game guide post, the first player to discover an Etherian gets a Gold, which is the strongest possible version of that Etherian.

For Beta, we’ve added in one more element. A player will also receive real ETH just for being the discoverer of an Etherian.

We have rewards on discovering all the Sun Etherian monsters and these rewards add up to $10,000.

Here are the rewards for Etherians 01–40 in Beta:

1–21: $20

22: $110

23: $110

24: $110

25: $150

26: $110

27: $110

28: $110

29: $110

30: $110

31: $110

32: $240

33: $400

34: $400

35: $400

36: $400

37: $400

38: $400

39: $800

40: $5,000

It’s been a wild journey getting here, we hope you have fun!

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