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3. The List.

Since I had shared in my previous two stories about me getting a job and my thoughts about it, I should also share the things that come with it. My job needs me to shift to a new metropolitan city, renowned as the Silicon valley of India. Although my job isn’t something to do with the entitled position of the city yet as per the norms, I will have to shift for the obvious.

The thought of shifting not only gives you butterflies in your stomach, but also the toils of making a huge list — yes, the list of things you need. Taking this particular decision becomes a little torturous for your little brain, especially when you have the full house to yourself.

Starting from the things you need for your morning schedule till the day ends with a ‘goodnight’, — yes, you need them all. Perhaps, a little more than your needs are your wants, and honestly so is my case. Brush, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, medicines, snacks and the list goes on….

Being an indecisive and forgetful person myself, it becomes way more difficult for me than it is for others. No matter how many sticky notes are stuck on my walls or writing pads scribbled with notes, I am always at a loss. Either I forget or fail to decide.

Shuttling among moments of forgetfulness, indecisiveness and coming back to senses again, somehow with a hell lot of effort I had created a list. Thinking the list to be a final one and assuming it to have no more additions , I went to sleep.

Bed time is the time when thoughts actually start booming into your heads — be it your fears, insecurities, contemplation or failures, it is indeed the time when you actually sleep less and think more, quite ironical, isn’t it? Well in my case, it was obviously the list.

I keep on pondering almost every night whether I have missed something to add to my list or not. The moment such a thought strikes, one more addition occurs and my long list seems never-ending. I wonder when my list will end. Shall it be the night before I board the train or or will it be the day until I reach my destination? Often the thought of leaving something behind haunts me.

Although a metropolitan city will endow me with so many options to buy from even if I fail to take something necessary, yet the thought of leaving things behind that belonged solely and only to me since ages, gives me a certain chill down my spine.

Parting can be hard at times, not only from people you love but also from those simple, little materialistic things that become way more precious and expensive to you, as compared to money or diamonds, in due course of time. Those small things that have so many memories attached to it, maybe as simple as a pen or a box or a cup, but deep within you know how much it means to you, how close it is to your heart. Perhaps, some things are better left behind, in your cosy little abode called home, to come back for.

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