Network Fees vs Exchange Commission Fees

Have you noticed that at times when you want to buy or just send crypto fees suddenly jump up? In the worst-case scenario, they may double or triple in price. The typical reaction of a user is to…


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My goal of the first quarter in UCSB

My goal for the first quarter is to learn how to manage time efficiently. We’ve all heard the cheesy saying: Time is money. And that phrase is essentially true. You may sometime heard people say that: there isn’t enough time for them to complete assignments, they don’t have time to get organized and it is nice to have 48 hours a day. In order to avoid this kind of chaos, I need to take control of my time, which can help me to succeed in the later life.

In the first place, time management plays an important role in college life. Because life in college is colorful, it not only involves academic researches but also many various extracurricular activities and club games that can let students develop comprehensively. And needless to say, courses in the university are challenging and getting a high GPA is not easy. You know, the learning method is totally different from what is used to be in the high school and it may take time to fit this leaning environment. Besides, study workload is immense that I have to stick to a strict timetable. Therefore, if I want to achieve good grades at the end of this quarter, I need to learn how to keep a balance between different courses and recreation by controlling my time efficiently. Otherwise,I may feel overwhelming and fail to attain a high GPA.

In the second place, I plan to use several ways to cultivate my ability to manage time successfully.

First I will list my tasks in terms of importance. That is, before starting doing my assignments, I will check my Gaucho Space to find the most urgent tasks according the due date, and they must done today. Only after finishing the most urgent tasks, I can shift to another work.

In addition, removing myself from surrounding distractions can help. To be more specifically, I will choose to go the library where is really a quiet place to concentrate on study and block my social media on my phone which may attract me to skim through the friend chats and shared moments.

At last, allocating my limited time reasonably will help achieve time management successfully. For example, I will prepare for my everyday courses and complete assignments carefully through the weekdays. During the weekends, I would like to enjoy the leisure time by hanging out with my friends to the downtown or joining the activities for about 3 to 5 hours. All of these can actually relax myself and then improve my studying efficiency by feeling vigorous and having a clear mind.

At the end of this quarter, I wish I will not be the person I am today. Learning time management will have changed me in ways I cannot predict. Perhaps in ways profound, perhaps only superficial.

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