How to Get Your Art Noticed on Instagram

The art industry is finding its place in the online world and Instagram has become the new showroom. But how do you promote your art on Instagram? Promoting your art on Instagram requires you to…


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What does settling down mean?

What does the term settling down mean? In scientific term it means to achieve a state of equilibrium. But when it comes to human life that state of equilibrium is associated with the state of our life with some set parameters like having kids, good job, good partner and a routine. But what next? does life stop there ? No, today more than ever the term is increasingly loosing its relevance as more and more people are realising that settling down is just a state of mind. To those who have realised it, life has thrown open a gamut of various experience as people go right from starting up ventures, to exploring untouched places, to taking up various courses and workshops to learn a craft or take on a new career itself at the age of 40.we are faced with lot of opportunities grow personally.

People want to break the monotony of the life they live and get out of their comfort zones. Although not all can afford it but usually weekend provides a good opportunity to those who are proactive towards seeking new experiences.

For many circularity is important, they like the routine and love to be in control over things and their schedule. Fritjof Capra in his book “Tao of Physics” talks about Tao philosophy which says “to retain something you have to add something opposite to it”. But what are we trying to retain? what are we countering when we want to save ourselves from settling down? Or is it just a state of mind we get into when things look good on surface and tick off all the social parameters.

Its not to say that seeking variety will keep you invigorated always, but its not about variety altogether, its about what you want to protect in yourself. We always have a fair idea about what makes us who we are. Some times we forget it due to circumstances, situations and fall victim to our own demons. We stop hearing our own voice amidst the noise. But with little awareness and using situations to our advantage we can ride over.. here’s what Lao Tzu said-

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