The Best Conversation I Ever Had

An personal essay on the value of changing our self talk.


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The Pause Button

Self or Net worth

Mindless toiling to fulfill another’s dream or rather mindful!

Hours whizzed by like seconds, minutes got lost and seconds evaporated in the tsunami of everyday conflict;I willingly plunged ahead , deep in quest for that perfect moment of satisfaction.

Monthly account deposits kept rolling in like peanuts or cannon balls-the impact lasted as per my perspective of utilising it. It acted as a weak catalyst.

I toiled, laboured. learnt, unlearned relearned to own a magical moment of pure joy.

Accolades warmed me, enthusiastic feedback alerted me, criticisms educated me, yet the yearning remained.

I decided to pause, am I pursuing a mirage?

Who cares about perfection- it is the highest form of self abuse and perfection in a workplace is pure fantasy. You do not own the situation , you find yourself in it.Like Potter magic, turn on the switch and maybe you get to at least feel the illumination.Mischief is hardly managed , and at the end of the week , you are quite convinced that “ I solemnly swear I am up to no good”.

What is it that I seek?

Greener pastures, newer realms, rocky landscapes , challenges that will push me to test my limits, allow me to indulge in freely without any edits. No more comfort zones, till then the void remains…

Any answers?

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