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IT programming is undoubtedly a complex field, and not everyone is suited for it. To master it, you need a special mindset a lot of talent, and technical knowledge. But over time, many young people…


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5 tips to waking up motivated every day

Waking up motivated can most times be one of the difficult things to happen to us every morning.

Not to worry, I am sharing five tips here that have helped me woke up motivated.

Waking up motivated every day does a lot to help you achieve set goals, and achieving set goals does more to helping you wake up motivated daily.

While there is no fast and bind rules, here are 5 tips to waking up motivated every day:

1. Have your biggest dreams written and visible for you to see the minute you wake up

If you have a dream, an idea, write it down. A dream, they say, when written down, becomes a goal. Have the goal broken down into timed tasks, and have this written goal and the timed tasks placed somewhere you can wake up to them every morning and they are looking at you in the face. Our brains constantly need reminding of what we want from our lives.

2. Stretch and Exercise before starting your day

When you wake up, don’t just jump into your bathroom and into your suit and pheewww you are off for the office. Whether your office is a mile from home, or you work from home, ensure to stretch and exercise yourself before you lounge into that bathroom and into your suit to set out for work. Science has proven regular exercise releases dopamine, which is the same chemical that makes us feel a burst of happiness.

3. Follow tasks through

Unachieved goals weary the mind and kill motivation. Spread goal tasks over time and ensure to follow timed tasks through. Every time you achieve a task, it has a way of boosting your morale. When you accomplish a daily task, it has a way of serving as the morale boost to waking you up motivated the next day.

4. Take regular breaks from work

It is always important to give yourself a few minutes break for every half hour of work you do. Taking a break from daily tasks, helps you unwind the stress and fatigue that comes with sitting or concentrating too long on a task.

5. Spend an hour a day learning new skills

Learning new skill sets is perhaps the best way to improve on your productivity. Set out time to learn a relevant skill daily. Follow learning a skill through to completion. The prospect of waking up with the intention to learning a new skill is a motivation on its own. Learning the skill and mastering the acquisition will ease you achieving your goals to keeping you motivated daily.


Share your thoughts with someone

It is usually said that a problem shared is a problem half-solved. Without challenges, life wont be worth the living. When a task pose a challenge, take a break off it, call a relevant friend or family member and discuss it informally with him/her. By so doing, you might get a clue to ease effecting the task. And, when a task is completed, you can then sleep well and wake up motivated the next day.

Share a tip that helps you wake up motivated every day in the comments below + if you find this article interesting, share it with your friends.

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