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10 Email Marketing Tricks to Increase Your Traffic and Sales

I really wanted to tell you all my progress with my email marketing tricks, and how I got more than 3,000 clicks with the sending of an email and an opening percentage of over 58%.

It seems amazing, doesn’t it?

Very simple, but inevitably it has a technical part that we must do to avoid this problem.

1. Open your DNS editor, in my case, it is Flare, and create a custom subdomain to send, for example, “” and with the following information:

This last address will depend on the email marketing tool we use, in my case I use MailRelay and I have chosen its format as an example.

If you want all your email marketing tricks work to arrive in the inbox of each and every one of your subscribers you have to meet 2 conditions:

1. Have a Payment IP: If you have a free version, whether or not you will have a percentage of spam, so it will be impossible for all emails to reach the inbox.

2. Make a Text-Only Email: Surely they recommend that you include very attractive images so there is a better visual scan by the readers, but the problem we have if we do is that many of these emails will reach the promotions tray, that is, they will be very beautiful emails but only a few will see it.

While if you send a simple email, only with text and a couple of links to carry traffic, you will see that it is more than enough to convert.

It is really worth investing money in having a private IP so that your emails reach the inbox of thousands of potential customers and buyers of the products that you can offer, if you do not believe me, do the test and process it for a month, and then come back and tell me in this article how it went.

Look at this example, at a glance you can have an opening percentage of more than 45% and more than 1,600 web traffic visits, and all this when choosing a very powerful title with a lot of hook or punch.

Guides that are focused on a broad spectrum of users is also a wise idea for our email marketing to be very successful. Look at this example that almost reaches 60% openness and exceeds 3,000 web traffic visits.

Remember that a user takes less than 3 seconds to decide what he does with that email if he deletes it, passes it or if he opens it instead, so any element that captures the user’s attention can help us this afternoon, yes, I recommend that if you add a single symbol do it on the left side, to match the most natural part of reading.

This is the key to selling and converting through email marketing, no matter if we have three hundred lists, the more segmented the more sales we will get.

By boat we can soon think that it is easier to have a single list because it is the least work that will take us but if you want to sell through email you have to work very hard, and the first step is to make a good segmentation by areas of interest, and if you later have the possibility of segmenting by locations, much better, because this way you can have more effect if you carry out a local campaign.

Well, of course, this may seem like a pheasant, and it is, having to customize each email for each of the lists takes a long time, but if you are looking for the best results, let me tell you that it is the best way to get it.

Depending on the number of lists that your subscribers have segmented, you will need more time or less to do all this customization.

Here you have to put enough logic and common sense if you have segmented your lists by origin you can send your emails at an appropriate time in each case, but this being realistic is very complicated to carry out, although it is recommended.

The most normal is that 70% or 80% of your subscribers come from a single country, so what you have to do is send your email campaign at a time that is within working hours, that is, between 8 am until 8 pm.

In my case, the hours that work best for me are first thing in the morning (8 am) or first thing in the afternoon (16:30).

A good idea to care for and retain your subscribers is to offer them some exclusive free video or content, it doesn’t cost anything from time to time to make or record a video with a trick or technique that you consider very useful and share it with those people who have deposited all His trust in you.

I imagine that you will know the 365 Mkt course that started in May of this year and in which more than 18,000 people have registered because a course sent by email can be a very effective way to get leads and to practice and improve our designs of email.

An idea that works very well is to send a free code of a marketing tool to your subscribers as a loyalty and monetization strategy; the first is clear, people who find it useful and interesting to use this tool thank you for providing it for free, even temporarily, but the second is very interesting because you can associate this free coupon with your affiliate account, and then of the free period that person decides to buy the tools, then you will generate commissions per sale and you can earn hundreds of euros per month.

This is something that most bloggers who are monetizing and making money with their blogs do and let me tell you that it really works.

Try to make a simple design and especially that it reaches the inbox of your subscriber.

Do you know my trick to position a post in a few days thanks to email marketing?

Do you have any email or autoresponder strategy designed?

What is your favorite email marketing tool?

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