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Whitepaper V2 Change Log

Hello UniFam!

With the release of the newest version of the whitepaper, many of you might be wondering what changes were made so we’ve summarized the major talking points for your perusal.

Primary Changes:
— Updated the layout of the overview moving all text to below the image

Primary Changes:
— Includes updated Date for Game Launch (March 2022)
— Includes updated Date for Public Sale (February 25, 2022)
— Includes Updated Dates for Post Launch Features (Racing/Jousting Q2 & Neighborhoods Q3 2022)

Primary Change:
— Updated Image depicting Land and World Views

Primary Changes:
— Removed Outdated Images of buildings and Farm plots
— Updated descriptions of all buildings and their functions
— Included descriptions of all land types and classes

Primary Changes:
— Updated Images to new in game Farm Plot assets
— Included in depth breakdown of the purpose of farming within Crypto Unicorns

Primary Changes:
— Updated Art Assets including new in game asset renders
— Updated Crafting infographic with iconography
— Descriptions of rewards and craftable items

Primary Changes:
— Updated Art including new in game assets
— Updated infographics with iconography

Primary Changes:
— Updates to the Jousting Decision Tree Infographic

Primary Changes:
— Updated Infographic related to game and economic loop
— Additional information about the basic economic drives of the game

Primary Changes:
— Updated Images of Unicorns and Eggs to match real NFTs and in game egg assets.
— Updated breeding and evolution Infographic with real unicorn NFTs and in game egg assets

Primary Changes:
— Updated infographic including a visible breakdown of all parts that make a Unicorn Unique.
— An in depth look at gene slots and how they work

Primary Changes
— New Images added to infographics that are closer to in game assets and real NFTs

Primary Changes
— Moved from Breeding into a separate space
— Additional information on Hatching mechanics and syncs

Primary Changes:
— Updated Images to reflect in game assets and real NFTs
— Updated Infographic to include game iconography

Primary Changes:
— Updated Images to reflect the real NFTs players purchased during land sales
— Added Updated infographic depicting class and land use
— Removed information about Neighborhoods from this section

Primary Changes:
— Updated Infographic featuring new iconography.
— Updated information related to syncs and rewards in the marketplace.

Primary Changes:
— Update sync graphics with real Unicorn NFTs
— Updated description of the economic impact of $RBW
— Additional information about $RBW Syncs and usage across the game.
— An additional update of the multi-sig wallet and it’s functionality

Primary Changes
— Changed some terminology on the allocation grid

Primary Changes
— Additional information about the eventual decentralization of the game and how the tokens will drive this movement

Primary Changes:
— Update to the art asset at the top of the page

Primary Changes
— Update to Governance timeline
— Update to Staking

Primary Changes:
— Included links to all public contracts
— In depth look at why we chose to launch on Polygon

Primary Changes
— Added section for primary team members

Primary Changes:
— Added some additional Partners since the previous white paper release

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