Eight Ways To Have The Best Friends

You are using the incorruptible seed of the word of God to win friends and influence others. This seed is available to all believers. Use it to wash the dirt out of failed relationships. Put the joy…


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When the Universe collapses

Some days the universe collapses

You make all the choices right

But are left cutting your losses

Yet there is no end in sight.

Every minute is a choice, and choice a fight.

Every fight is a voice, all of them wrong.

Every wrong makes you doubt,

What is it you can truly do without

Is it to live big or to be free?

Watch the seasons change on the tree

Every year passes like a day

Watching outside in, I stay

Which path do I take?

Will it be the Guru, or my fate?

Restlessness holds me in tight embrace

I only search for a life of love

But this contrary must I face

As I choose one and lose another?

I worry not of love

With Guru’s grace I will learn to be it

But if I choose the selfish dreams

Do I still have a place at His feet?

If I choose the selfish world

To make the palace of give and take

Will he bless me in the darkness

Or my own sun I will have to make?

Some days my universe collapses

As I struggle between this and that

Instead of dissolving, I take the infinite chases

But will He still hold my hand?

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