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How to Get Your Art Noticed on Instagram

The art industry is finding its place in the online world and Instagram has become the new showroom. But how do you promote your art on Instagram?

Promoting your art on Instagram requires you to schedule at the right time, post good quality photos, and use relevant hashtags. You need an appropriate username and have an attention-grabbing bio. Target your audience and carry out giveaways.

Using the Instagram platform for your business is not a walk in the park. You need to carefully strategize and be consistent so that you can optimize the maximum capability of Instagram. It’s hands -on. Let’s take a further look.

First and foremost, your account should not be for private use. Keep it focused on your business and make sure all your posts are relevant only to your business. Your account has to be public to gain followers and be found on search engines.

Your business insights tell you:

Select a username that describes your business or art and make sure it is catchy, memorable, and not too long.

Using your name makes your work appear original and authentic by putting a person behind the piece and works to get your name out there, boosting your brand image. Make sure the name is not long.

Add a keyword, like art or artist, to make it easy for potential buyers to find and remember you. This way you will find new customers without even trying! The abbreviation should as well be appropriate.

In your bio, be intentional with what you write. Mention what you do, who you are, and the value people will get from following you. What are your skills? Make it short, precise, sweet, and attention-grabbing.

Link your website to your bio to help people view your work more. The whole point of using Instagram is to get people back to your site. Give potential followers a reason to follow and engage with you.

Add contact details and use emojis to save characters. You have a very limited space to deliver the maximum amount of information.

Low-quality images are out of the question. Invest in a good camera and/or use hi-res scans. Ensure that you use good lighting, crop nicely, and capture the right angles in all your pictures. Take advantage of filters, but use them sparingly.

The photos need to capture the potential buyer’s attention, excite them, and leave them in awe of your abilities as an artist. The aim is to arouse their curiosity enough to encourage them to seek out your website.

Make a brand presence. Your feed must stand out from the crowd. You do that by coordinating

colors and images into a coherent theme. You must find your own style and look.

There are templates you can purchase and you can use platforms like Canva to easily create your own. One simple idea is just to add a white border and separate the images pleasantly.

Instagram uses hashtags to categorize the content. It is a way for your content to reach people you may never cross paths with online.

As an artist, I would recommend you research the hashtags other artists use in your niche and try to incorporate them into your posts.

Don’t aim too high. The most popular hashtags will not let you compete. If there are 5,000,000+ people posting with ‘#art’ how will you be found? The big boys will dominate. Narrow it down and target hashtags with less competition. Look for tags with 100,000+ searches and you will have a better chance of being found.

You have up to 30 tags and I advise you to use them all in a new account. No one knows who you are so you need all the exposure you can find. The more hashtags you include in your post the better chance of reaching new audiences

No one wants to see a long hashtag list in your caption so hide them further down by using line breaks with periods or dashes to separate them from your text. Many Instagrammers post them in the comments instead. Do this as soon as you post your image.

Compile a list of favorite hashtags and file them to use when needed.

As weird as it may sound, posting on Instagram can be challenging. Your piece of art is beautiful, but don’t shove it in people’s faces all the time since it may become monotonous. This may hinder them from wanting to purchase. On the other hand, you want to be consistent to be on your follower’s radar.

Vary your content, show behind the scenes, art materials, projects, tutorials, promos, giveaways, mock-ups, announcements, you don’t have to post your art all of the time.

Before posting, ask yourself, would I engage with this content? If you don’t think so, then don’t post it. Ensure that whatever you post, you’re comfortable with. Don’t overburden yourself trying to post every day. Try posting every other day. The goal is to be consistent, not bombarding your audience with content.

Having many followers is good, but if they neither interact with your posts nor make purchases, it can get frustrating. Go after your target audience by identifying other accounts that are connected to a similar target audience.

Strike a conversation in the comment section about the relevant piece of art, have people interact with you, and some will be interested to know more about you, and thus, click on your work. Increased engagement boosts your chances of appearing on the explore page.

Additionally, the more you engage with other people’s work, the more people will engage with your work. This strategy is effective because you will be assured of an interactive audience, and you will get followers who have the same interests as you.

Giveaways increase traffic to your Instagram account, resulting in getting engagements and increasing followers who are potential buyers. A giveaway post should be eye-catching to attract many people to participate.

More so, indicate the giveaway’s duration, what will be won, and the procedure to select the winner. Most giveaway instructions ask you to follow, like, tag people and share the artist’s work. All these are geared towards increasing the visibility of your work.

After announcing the winners, remember to appreciate those who participated.

Communicating with your followers is paramount. Create time to respond to the comments, questions, and reply to messages sent. It is only fair to reciprocate the time they took to comment by taking time to respond. That is, whether a comment is positive or negative, always try to look for the positive side of the statement and respond from that perspective.

This also helps build a relationship between you and your audience. Don’t forget to be very kind and ensure you offer top-notch customer service.

By asking questions or posting a poll, you may strike engagement to your Instagram account. Your followers may not necessarily respond when you start, but eventually, they will engage with you. Be patient and do not stop asking the questions. Find a voice that speaks to your followers and stick to it.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, it has become effortless to share your work on both platforms since now they are interconnected. This helps reach more people because not everyone is on both platforms, and even if they are, they still have one that they use more than the other.

Artists are using Instagram to get their work in front of more people than ever before. To do this, they need a business account that is set up correctly and offers HIGH-QUALITY content.

Running an effective Instagram marketing campaign takes time and effort! It’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance so don’t give up too early.

Post high-quality photos, communicate regularly about your art or business, cross-promote other social media sites like Facebook, do giveaways, create a blog that is connected to the Instagram account… The list of possibilities goes on and on!

If this sounds daunting don’t worry, take it one step at a time. Be patient but methodical. You can do it all yourself easily, or you can use third-party tools, many of them are free or very affordable.

Stick to one or two social media platforms and you won’t get overwhelmed.

Instagram is especially popular with artists.

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