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Working with Programmers

Admit it. Working with programmers is not easy. Especially when you do not know their work, their ways, their flow.

Me myself do not have that much knowledge about programming. The ‘language’ I use is different from the ‘language’ they use. If they have cute odd names for languages like Python, Java, Ruby, and Swift, I only know: English, British English, Japanese, Korean, and French that I am yet to learn.

If they have symbols and numbers and hashtags and letters all over their black screens that sometimes make a shape or a certain figure (I sometimes think that is how quirky and creative they are to make their code unique; note: I might be wrong here, just trying to make something out of what I can see), I have symbols and numbers and hashtags and letters formed in paragraphs and whatnot.

As you see, the difference in our worlds is mind-blowing. And those are just a few from the list. Any normal person would have had that anime-like nosebleed when they realize this.

Working with them will make you go crazy over your timelines; your ideas will often get rejected or altered or put aside; and your energy will go down the drain. If and only if you do not try to see things in their point-of-view. I mean you do not have to see the whole of it, you just have to know and to understand that anything can go right or wrong. Either way, it is okay as long as you have the same goals.

But working with programmers need only understanding, patience, trust, and maybe a translator. Cause there are times when what they are saying is circling around your head like that time you bump your forehead into a post and get dizzy.

I have decided to share a few (too few) of my old blog posts — about my first moments working with programmers at close range — from last year. But not right now, I’ll be sharing them daily starting today. The reason? I just want to.

I also think that sharing my thoughts about programmers and their art will let us all understand them a little if not more. Ciao for now~

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