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2K x Lego

Lego is partnering with 2K to bring gamers a range of Lego sports games, the gaming publisher has just signed a multi-game partnership with the global toy company themselves! This has come as quite a surprise as to leading up to this point, the exclusivity deal that was signed with Warner Bros TT Games has meant that we’ve seen mostly the same sort of Lego games being released over the years.

The New range of 2K Lego Sports games has been planned to kick off with a Football game that will be developed by Sumo Digital

After this release, there will be an open-world Lego racing game that is already in development by Visual Concepts who recently developed WWE 2K22. This has been further confirmed due to a job listing from the company recently mentioning an “open-world driving game with a major license”. The most recent driving and Lego mix were within Forza Horizon 4 during the Speed Champion DLC, the trailer for which can be seen below. The DLC was received incredibly well and is likely a sign of great things to come.

It’s rumoured that the Lego Football game should be releasing later this year in an effort to cash in on the hype from the World Cup which is being held during November and December, with the racing game set to release during 2023. There has also been a third sports title rumoured to be based on another major sports franchise, this one however has yet to be named.

The football title should release later this year to coincide with the FIFA World Cup, followed by the racing game in 2023. A third Lego sports title is also in development, based on a major sports franchise, sources said.

2K has been making efforts to expand their franchise, mainly the sports section to appeal to younger players as currently, the games can be quite unforgiving and therefore enjoyable for new and young gamers to pick up, partnering with Lego is without a doubt the easiest way to do this, as the brand is recognised worldwide for their children’s toys.

Whilst nothing has been confirmed yet, this would also possibly open the doors to some of the other licenses finding their way into the Lego sports games, such as characters from Marvel, Harry Potter and DC alongside the original Lego characters such as Emmet from the Lego movie.

Lego games have always been received extremely well due to their childlike appeal and incredibly effective simple storytelling and easy to pick up gameplay. So knowing that we will see this format enter into the world of sports, you can only begin to imagine just how wacky the experience will be!


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