Silly little dictionary! Don’t you know girthing can’t possibly be a word if the New York Times says it ain’t? There have been many instances in which the rejection of a word by the Spelling Bee has…


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Alone or Lonely?

At first glance it seems like both the above words are synonyms, but are they really??

In my personal view there’s a huge difference between the two. Alone is a person who doesn’t have any company…anyone to talk out his heart to! But a Lonely person is far more vulnerable. Lonely is a person who despite everyone around is left out. Lonely is when you have so many things to say and some one to listen yet are unable to express maybe due to fear of acceptance, fear of loosing reasons, pain that curbs you or anything!

It is ok to be alone rather at times it is very much imperative to be alone so that you can find solace, have a brain storming with your very own inner self, figure out decisions and understand your own self better. On the other hand no human would ever be lonely by choice! We humans are social animals always in search of company be it parents, siblings, friends, spouse, kids or anyone else. We become lonely not when we are left out but when despite being with everyone you fail to feel the joys they bring, when you have an ocean full of words yet find your lips dry…

A lonely person is always the weakest because no matter how wonderful a smile they flash, their eyes can’t shed tears despite being welled up. A lonely person doesn’t need gifts or surprise or worldly pleasure all they seek ever is time, acceptance and understanding. It is a crime to break the solace of any person and disturb them when they wish to be alone but it is a bigger crime not to fight with a lonely person and leave them to suffer their pains all by themselves.

It is not difficult to differentiate between a person whose lonely and who wants to be alone. Just look into the eyes and strike a conversation! The words are the very key. A person who wants to be alone will be calm, composed and confident whereas a lonely person is always rude, confused and fakes a happy smile.

So the next time you come across any person, decode if they are lonely or just seek solace. In case they are lonely, you just need to lend an ear, some time and understanding. Trust me, that’s actually it! When you do this you not only rid the person of loneliness and win his heart and trust but also a very good relationship for life and an immense sense of satisfaction and joy of giving someone life.

Come let’s get together and help mortal beings ‘live’ rather than just breathe. Keep up the good work and always remember you are not alone and only you yourself can fight your loneliness…

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