La ventana y sus ojos

Sentada en el asiento del bus viendo por un pequeño reflejo empañado de suciedad y música de 103.5. Tomando con mi mano el libro del gran Saramago. Comencé a jugar con mi vista, cuando los cerraba…


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An introduction to the AARRR framework

AARRR enables you to measure and optimize every phase of your customer funnel by optimizing it through insane focus on one metric at a time. The framework got it’s name because the acronym AARRR makes you sound like a pirate (say it out loud!). This is an introduction to the AARRR framework, also known as the startup metrics for pirates.

The AARRR framework consists of five phases a customer goes through in order to achieve growth and each phase has it’s own set of metrics to focus on. Whether you’re in e-commerce, SaaS or building an app, AARRR is where you turn to if you want to gain more insights about the use of your product. The framework was originally designed for startups, but it’s also proven to be effective within bigger companies and corporates.

The framework is known for measuring the effectiveness of your customer funnel. Of the 1000 people that visit your website, how many end up as a recurring paying customer? Without the framework it’s hard to determine where in the funnel you might lose them. Did your ads gave a wrong impression? Is there a bug in the mobile version of your website that makes it impossible to visit the homepage? Is it too complex to sign up? The AARRR framework helps you to measure every step of the customer journey and helps you to identify leaks and potential loopholes.

Let’s take a brief look at the five phases first, before we dive into the details of how to apply AARRR to your company. The framework is consists of five successive phases, each with their own set of metrics and the OMTM. The metrics vary per phase, based on the type of project you are working on.

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