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Spirits of Nebraska

Ghosts Of The USA Poetry 37

By Faye Collum Fairley

Lincoln Nebraska, the next stop on the list

The State Capitol Building can’t be missed.

A man is heard sobbing, on the south side

Who the spirit is, they just can’t decide.

In nineteen fifty while leaning over the rail

This man who fell was on a spiral staircase

Perhaps it’s his spirit that is sobbing today.

Some believe the spirit is a prison inmate

He had a heart attack in nineteen sixty eight

Perhaps it’s his spirit that people hear moan.

An Indian spirit is suspect number three

The basement is where his presence might be

The Indians say that this is sacred land,

Where this State Capital Building stands.

If you’re in Nebraska, and have time to wait

Come to 10th Street and Capitol Parkway

This man that sobs, who no one can see

You might just know who the spirit might be.

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