Keranjang mata uang tokenized

GLOBCOIN adalah unit keranjang mata uang yang melacak 15 mata uang global terbesar dan emas. Ini mengikuti pendekatan intuitif dan tidak bias berdasarkan Purchasing Power Parity yang berkembang…


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What comes into our mind, when we hear word fear? We cannot say that we its must be a zombie or a ghost. As we grow up, meaning of the fear changes. As a child our fear was what? Fear of ghost, fear of scary things or may be fear of something that makes us frighten. As we grow up meaning of fear become different. Sometime fear comes up with something that make us uncomfortable, but fear is something more than that.

Fear is a milestone. It is a part of our finite lives which is surely going to end someday. Fear resides at every first step of a decision. Everybody is dealing with different forms of fear in his/her life. The point is whatever of fear we are dealing with, it must be end up with something better version of us. As we end a stage of a game, we get stronger.

Fear is not that bad. Like every other thing in the world, it does have some pros. For example: we respect our parent and teacher, why? because there is something a factor of fear has hide inside us that make us to respect them. Most important fear is Fear of Allah (Khauf e Khuda). When Allah SWT wants someone closer to HIM. He gives him the gift of Fear of Allah (Khauf e Khuda). In our life, at different stages fear also changes its meanings and its forms.

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