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How Your Fantasy Football Skills Can Boost Your Stock Portfolio Wall Street Expert Eugene Plotkin Explains

picture of eugene plotkin with text how your fantasy football skills can boost your stock portfolio with ipad of graph

about successful investments. Here are his rules to approach your investment portfolio the

same way you play your fantasy league.

“The goal of fantasy is to win. The goal of your portfolio should be a comfortable retirement. In

both cases, you need to have the end in sight with every decision you make,” Plotkin notes. “That means keeping an eye on the future. Just as some players have bad weeks, there are blue-chip stocks that will have bad quarters. That doesn’t mean you abandon all hope at the first sign of struggle. You evaluate an investment’s long-term prospects.”

“If you’re reading the business section, you’ll see a lot about mergers and acquisitions. In the

Keeping an eye on how other players use the waiver wires and what trades they propose can give you an understanding of how they’re playing the game.

“Learning to expect when someone else will want something, such as a new defense or a

quarterback for their upcoming bye week, is essentially the same as forecasting the market,”

“It always pays to put in your time and do the research,” Plotkin explains. “There are literally

hundreds of people who get paid to espouse all sorts of opinions on fantasy football, and

consequently, every little thing a player or coach does gets dissected and picked apart even

when it’s not important. Just because a player posts something odd on Instagram or a coach makes a glib remark during a press conference doesn’t mean you have to react. In fact, there’s a lot of wisdom in keeping the big picture in mind instead of getting lost in extraneous details. And that’s true on Wall Street as well. Not everything you hear on the business news is relevant.”

“When you’re drafting, it’s not the best strategy to snag the highest-ranked player each round,

right? You need to address the needs of your roster, even if that means taking a guy that ESPN

ranks slightly lower,” Plotkin explains. “This principle holds true in the stock market as well. You don’t want to simply invest in last year’s best-performing companies,” Eugene Plotkin said. “You want to invest in stocks and products that make sense for your situation. Consider your risk profile, your liquidity needs, and your time horizon.”

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