The Pause Button

Hours whizzed by like seconds, minutes got lost and seconds evaporated in the tsunami of everyday conflict;I willingly plunged ahead , deep in quest for that perfect moment of satisfaction. Monthly…


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First Post!

You know addiction is an interesting dilemma. After being addicted to crystal methamphetamine and PCP for the past 6 years I have finally gotten clean. Now addiction poses another threat in the form of a cell phone. After leaving rehab I finally upgraded my flip phone Nokia to an iPhone 5c- yellow edition! In order to work through my harrowing phone addiction I’ve decided to examine some questions to focus on my use.

#1: Do you think you’re addicted to your smartphone and/or social media? — I think the answer to this is obviously yes. I have a very addictive personality as time shows.

#2: What are the 3 primary benefits you get out of using your smart phone? — One benefit is definitely being able to keep up with my favorite youtuber Clark Kegley. I also enjoy having my alarm on my phone and being able to always have access to maps and directions.

#3: What are the 3 ways in which your smartphone has a negative effect on you? — I can’t stop watching Clark Kegley videos. I also find myself interacting less with my family and neighbors. My iPhone has made it very hard to sleep at night because I always make sure to watch an episode of ‘Macgyver’ every night before bed.

#4: What are some ways you can work to better control your phone? — I need start watching ‘Macgyver’ earlier in the evening. Perhaps I could put some restrictions on my time on social media.

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