Guidelines Introduced for the Management of Hyponatremia Secondary to Physical Activity

The journal Wilderness & Environmental Medicine recently published a set of clinical practice guidelines from the Wilderness Medical Society about the management of exercise-associated hyponatremia…


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How do our specialists differentiate us from our competitors?

IT programming is undoubtedly a complex field, and not everyone is suited for it. To master it, you need a special mindset a lot of talent, and technical knowledge. But over time, many young people choose to pursue careers in programming. So, this raises the question — how do specialists differentiate? And what makes a great IT specialist?

The qualities of a good IT specialist

What characterizes a successful IT professional? For years, people have thought about, debated, and analyzed this. While there are numerous technical skills that are related to success and they are all important, there are many personality traits that can be crucial as well. Like, specialists should be adaptable to new situations and tasks, inquisitive, curious, and eager to learn, as the field grows and adapts almost every day. Being a team player is also essential for a great specialist. IT field is evergrowing, so, specialists should learn and gain experience. There are many ways to get an education and experience — for some it will be courses, for some online training schools, for others it will be learning on the go.

How do our specialists differentiate us from our competitors?

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