Teaching as an act of equity

As a next step on my academic journey, I was asked to compose a statement of my teaching philosophy. Here’s how I responded: I’ve mellowed as a teacher over the years, and I remember exactly the…


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What is Octoin Coin?

Octoin is international, multi-featured cryptocurrency tracking platform. The platform caters to the crypto community in general. With a number of features and investment tools for earning, the main aim of the platform is to unite the world capital for professional influence with a mission to make the cryptocurrencies simple and affordable. The unity will allow Octoin to achieve their main ideas such as investing in ICO companies, use of efficient technologies, the pooling of capitals for trading and a number of promising altcoins.

Octoin features

Here are the core features of the Octoin platform:

Octoin Units

The Octoin platform has 9 units at the moment. These units include:


The team is balanced and time-tested. The platform operates with market leaders and large funds to minimize risk in all areas of activity. Each member of the team is responsible for supplementing and strengthening other possibilities.

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