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There is no escape from technology. We use it for communication, work, and many other parts of daily life – it’s arguably impossible to live without it. However, a question came to me from this fact…


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Exercising and your period

A rather taboo subject still for reasons I will never understand — talking about women’s health and our periods is still shot down by many. In this day and age I feel it’s important to openly talk about subjects like this to highlight any benefits, issues or important information that many women and girls may not know.

For a lot of us the last thing we want to be doing on our period is exercising, but there aren’t really any reasons you need to miss a session — although if the pain is horrendous and you don’t want to go to the gym, then don’t! There are so many stretches you can do at home to help the cramps.

Although like anything, it’s always worth figuring our what works best for you, here are a few suggestions that I’ve found have helped me when that time of the month strikes:

Walking: I love a bit of LISS (low-intensity steady state cardio). Hopping on the treadmill or getting outside if the weather is good is a sure fire way to help alleviate pain and boost your mood. Even if it’s only for 20–30 minutes, you’ll get your heart pumping and your steps in for the day.

It’s important to remember though that if you feel unusually tired, nauseous, or there is an increase in pain or discomfort, stop what you are doing and rest. If these symptoms continue — stop completely. This is not a time to hit up the idea of “no pain, no gain”. Listen to your body ladies!

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