Spirits of Nebraska

Ghosts Of The USA Poetry 37. “Spirits of Nebraska” is published by Faye Collum Fairley.


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New Year Planners

Early shoppers are better known as early birds, and they get their pick of the best options, a chance to save both time and money, and the joy of shopping sans the crowds and stress of last-minute trips.

Start by drawing up your list of potential items that you need and researching the various brands and stores that sell the things you want to gift. Here are some trendy gift ideas for early holiday shoppers with a discerning taste.

Tis the season to start planning for the new year to come. With a fun planner that pushes you in the right direction and asks all the important questions, planning the year will be so much fun. Whether your loved ones enjoy planning their day to the last detail or you want them to plan their goals in advance, a yearly planner is a great gift to give during the holiday season. Pick a simple and elegant one or opt for a fun and colorful planner that has space for movies they would like to watch and more.

Waterbrush pens are perfect for art-lovers and novices. They can be used with watercolours as well as with ink. Most sets include three different point sizes that can be used to paint in art books and bullet journals. The perfect gift for anyone into journaling or arts.

Journals can be used to record everything of importance. From keeping a daily gratitude journal to starting one that focuses mindfully on happiness or travel, there is a plethora of trendy and elegant options to choose from. Journaling daily is a good habit to cultivate for people of all ages. Soothi journals has the best selection of leather journals and other accessories.

Art prints are a great gift to offer anyone. Whether you want to frame your prints or display them on your home office desk, they are sure to be a great addition to your home or office.

Desk lamps make a great holiday gift for those who enjoy all-nighters. Choose one that features a pleasant glow that is not harsh, and a rotating shaft used to position the light as the owner sees fit.

It is never too early to begin holiday shopping!

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