A Comparison of Waterfall and Agile Methods

I started my career as a young intern in a big telecom company. Back then, software development projects would span months, if not years. Project managers had long Excel sheets and complicated…


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My Votes Today

My Vote on H.R. 849 — Protecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act of 2017

My Oma is 107 years old. She’s been able to live with dignity for decades because of two of the most successful public policy programs in American history — Social Security and Medicare. So when I’m taking a vote on a bill impacting healthcare for seniors I give it the Oma test. That’s why I ended up supporting this bill because it would make sure Medicare is in place for future generations. The legislation would repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). This is an independent commission that was created through the Affordable Care Act to look at making cost reductions to Medicare.

We have to make progress on holding down costs in our healthcare system, but I’m uncomfortable putting Medicare cuts solely in the hands of folks other than Congress. That’s why I voted to repeal the IPAB and will continue fighting to make our healthcare system stronger, while looking for ways to reform our healthcare system to bring down costs for seniors and families. This is also an example of both sides coming together to make sensible fixes to the Affordable Care Act, I’m hopeful we can see more actions like it.


Since the end of September the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has been in limbo. CHIP provides 8.9 million children with affordable care and now folks in our neck of the woods are in danger of getting notices that it will end for their kids. I’m concerned with how they will be able to afford a doctor visit. Or a trip to urgent care.

This week we voted on a bill to keep CHIP going that actually would end up hurting more than helping. That’s because the program would have been paid for by reducing the Affordable Care Act’s Prevention and Public Health Fund by nearly $6 billion. The program would also reduce the grace period for individuals to obtain insurance to 30 days (that would cause 400,000 Americans to lose insurance). It would also require Medicare beneficiaries earning over $500,000 to pay 100 percent of their costs. That’s not right. And I’m going to work with my colleagues to come up with a better plan for CHIP.

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