Is Your Pet Seeing Dead People?

Animals have psychic abilities that often prove much stronger than ours. In Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, world-renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake writes that canines form a…


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What if i say that you have to choose between two person to stay for your entire life, what things you will first think ? what questions you will first ask to both persons ? what quality will you check in both persons ? It remind’s me of my friend name Ali, was my best childhood friend and i use to play with him until my family said that i should not play with that guy, on what reason? on what cost i should not play with that guy ? It made me feel desperate to know why i was told to do that because i was unaware about the fact or reality of the human concept on religion.

Let’s face the reality in the present world nearly most of the population believe or live is a religious society where people have more faith in religion rather then there love-ones. In the present scenario nearly 50% of the world is facing starvation in that most of the people in the world can’t have a single glass of water in a day, will religion give sympathy to the poor people laying on the street ?, will religion feed to all the needy people the answer to that is somewhat no.

Let’s move in past where people do not have other people to talk so they start to worship god, follow a religion and spend time on something instead of empty mind or fight each other for common misunderstanding between them . Now world is changing, technology is progressing people are coming closer, discuss there matters with each other so why we need to follow a religion? why we need to worship god, instead of talking to people or helping someone we care about?.

I will say that religious society will always create internal war’s, will always increase population in area due to competition between different religion and a common human been will face problem in a social life.

So now i tell you if i give you second chance to rebirth as a human been what religion you will choose ? The religion which people are telling to you or the religion of humanity.

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