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What is your happiness?

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Part 1 # Define Hapiness

Happiness is an emotional state characterize by feeling of joy, satisfaction and fulfilment. while happiness has many different definitions, it is often describe as involving positive emotions and life satisfactions. but i think happiness is a subjective terms. you may say you are happy because you have a job, while other define happy because their have a great family member and friends.

Part 2 # Self Reflection

Are you happy?

Lets be honest, when a strangers come to you and ask you this question. what the answer would be? i remember when i ask my friend this question, i took 5 minutes for him to think. he may seems happy but this question really comes as a deep question.

Covid-19 still here while im writing this story. For someone who lost their family mambers and jobs, happiness is an eerie words. but life is an process to human and i praise everyone who struggles but choose to be happy in their life.

“on the scale 1–10, i give myself 7 for being happy” he said. he explained to me that having a 8–5 job, friends and family and everyone around is makes him happy today.

so. are you happy?

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